welcome to sweet spot dog training

A strong family is built on strong relationships and clear communication. Your dog is a member of your family and has a big impact on the harmony of your home. At Sweet Spot, we help you create a strong bond and deep relationship with your best friend through clear and consistent communication.

We do this by focusing on motivating your dog through positive reinforcement training techniques. Our methods are crafted from the latest research in behavioral science, cutting edge techniques, and a deep understanding of canine behavior. We have developed our training approach through formal education as well as over a decade of experience working with and observing dogs in a variety of environments.

That means that you are being offered the best training to empower you and your family to make a positive impact on your relationship with your dog. It means that we are equipped with the knowledge and the techniques to set you up for success. And it means that we can take aim at that sweet spot in life by working together to build the relationship you and your family want with your dog.