Mission Statement

Sweet Spot Dog Training strives to empower dog owners through teaching them to manage, modify and maintain their dog’s behaviors to achieve a balanced and mutually rewarding relationship.



The behavioral sciences have consistently led me to apply positive reinforcement training techniques when working towards a more rewarding relationship between a dog and their owner. Using positive reinforcement training, I help the dog owner define what preferable behavior looks like in their dog and, together, we set their dog up to accomplish those goals. This approach results in loose and flowing body language in both the dog and owner - which clearly reads as happiness in my eyes!


Additionally, while a strong knowledge of canine behavior and dog training skills is a must for any dog trainer, it is also important to be able to teach the human side of this interspecies pair. This is why I have focused on improving my skills as a teacher to people as well as to dogs. I support my clients in their training process as much or as little as they’d like. Sometimes this includes helping them set training schedules or talking between training sessions to clarify a difficult concept. As their training pro it is my goal to see dedicated clients reach their goals.